Kombucha is fermented tea. It is a unique beverage packed with a large variety of beneficial compounds. It is naturally fizzy, with a flavor that is both sweet and pleasantly sour. It’s pronounced “kom·BOO·cha”!

The origins of kombucha are uncertain, but legend has it that it was first brewed in China around 220 BCE, later spreading to Japan. By the early 20th century it was being consumed in Russia and from there spread across Europe. Today it is found on every continent, where it is traditionally fermented as a homemade tonic.

Scientists are still studying kombucha so no specific health claims can be made yet, but lovers of the drink will tell you that it tastes good, and makes them feel good. Some even claim it is a magical health elixir!

Kombucha Iceland is delicious, refreshing, has a mild caffeine content and is a rich source of probiotics and beneficial yeasts. It is low in sugar and calories, and contains only trace amounts of alcohol. Our kombucha also contains polyphenols, enzymes, vitamins and beneficial organic acids, making it a super–charged beverage that is a perfect alternative to sodas, and even alcoholic drinks.

We make our kombucha by first carefully brewing a selection of tea, then adding sugar. Once the brew is adjusted to the correct temperature a fermentation process similar to that for making yogurt, beer or wine is initiated. A culture known as a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast (or SCOBY for short) drives the fermentation.

The SCOBY is mysterious and industrious. A pale, rubbery–textured disc of living organisms, it busily transforms the tea into a complex, tasty drink, consuming most of the sugar and caffeine as it goes. If you ever find a baby SCOBY inside your bottle consider yourself lucky! It’s safe to consume or discard as you prefer.